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Hipster Hybrid Here

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Hipster Hybrid mother here

Tattoos and turtle-necks I wear

Fish oil – not SPF,  yeah I get my skin sunny

cure my vaccinated kids with cinnamon and honey

Kale for lunch and a Big Mac for dinner

I’m a liberal saint and conservative sinner

Drill Sargent over all the recycling

With 12 mpg’s in my big SUV

Homeschoolin’ one and public-schoolin’ the others

I’m a crunchy AND westernized kind of a mother

My dairy is local, my chicken free range

But I hit up the drive through for things that I crave

Blogging ’bout causes and things that effect us

But you wont find me at a rally or protest

My every day struggle is to reconcile

These organic convictions to my American lifestyle

I’ll ponder it over a Portland-brewed beer

Nothing to see, just a Hipster Hybrid here

Hipster Hybrid