September has come and gone and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going.  Today Samuel was given a test covering all of the material that we have been learning and scored 86%.  It’s not perfect, but a huge improvement in such a short amount of time.  Below is his progress report.

Samuel Snailum Homeschool Progress Report

September 3-30, 2014


Samuel is enjoying home school with no meltdowns or frustrations. His demeanor is much more calm and he is completely off all behavioral medication. He thrives is a quiet, familiar environment and performs better with the incorporation of basic OT techniques (breaks for physical activities between subjects, swinging/spinning, gum chewing, and relaxation breathing.)



Samuel enjoys listening to stories but loses interest in fiction when he has to do the reading himself. He is very weak in comprehension, but has surprised me with the details he is able to remember. We spend most of our day in this area. I have noticed when Samuel reads aloud that he has difficulty keeping letters in order in words and words in order in sentences. This has not been corrected by using a piece of paper to read line-by-line. At his next doctor appointment I will be asking about any benefits of testing for dyslexia.



Samuel loves art and paints almost daily. His skill continues to improve with the use of Youtube tutorials.



Samuel is great at spelling, but puts capital letters all throughout his words. When writing in cursive he does not use misplaced capitals. We will continue to practice using correct capital placement, but are moving forward with cursive since it is a great strength of his.

Samuel seems to be grasping the elements for quality writing and has completed 4 out of 5 paragraphs of his first persuasive paper. He is extremely creative.



The Saxon material is perfect for Samuel. It introduces new concepts slowly and has a heavy focus on review, which has been great for building his confidence. On day 1, it took Samuel 27 minutes to complete 100 addition facts. The next 3 days were the same. On the 5th day, just prior to the timed test, we spent 5 minutes doing aggressive spinning and swinging on the tire swing and went immediately into the test which he completed, correctly, in 10 minutes. The next day he completed the test in 8 minutes.

Thus far, math has been mostly review for Samuel (place value, money, finding missing addends). We will see how this intense sensory input just prior to math helps him as we get into the more difficult concepts in the next couple of weeks.



We are currently studying weather, a subject that Samuel loves. So far, he knows the start and end dates of each season and how they are connected to Earth’s orbit.


History: Beginning in October.


Social Skills:

Samuel has social interactions with peers through church, play dates, Awanas, Christian Youth Theater, and Band.


Physical Fitness:

Samuel begins each day with an exercise video or walk around the neighborhood. He also plays 3 songs of “Just Dance” between subjects.


GOALS to be completed before Thanksgiving vacation:


  • Daily reading at least 1 chapter of a fiction book on his own.
  • Be able to identify

How a character felt in a given situation

What the author meant by _________.


  • Correctly complete 100 addition facts in less than 5 minutes.
  • Correctly complete 100 subtraction facts in less than 10 minutes.
  • Correctly complete multiplication flashcards for Mult, Facts 1-5.
  • Add and subtract fractions.
  • Correctly multiply double-digit numbers.
  • Complete a typed and error-free 5 paragraph persuasive paper.
  • Complete a typed and error-free movie script.
  • Pass a weather facts test with at least 95% accuracy.
  • Complete the “Discovery of America” test (First Trimester US History) with at least 90% accuracy.

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