Stuff Christians Should Do (And Shouldn’t Do)

  1. TIP BIG when eating out.  If you pray up, pay up!  Bless your waiter or waitress.
  2. Stay out of debates on Facebook/article comments.  I’ve got a secret for you:  You’ll never change hearts and minds using that outlet, so just stop.  Really.  Walk away.
  3. Apologize.
  4. Take a course on listening skills and practice on your own family.
  5. Go on a mission trip.  not only will you get to serve and be used by the Lord to help others in need, but ministering in another culture can help you see your faith without the filter of Americanism on it.  Separating cultural from actual biblical values brings a fresh appreciation of the truth of scripture.
  6. Actions of love > words of debate.  Serve others.
  7. Read the Bible.  Okay, I know, yes, obvious.  But if you’re going to be sitting around with friends at the coffee shop chiming in on your opinion of the nature of God and whatnot, it had better have come from your searching the scriptures to formulate said opinions.  Who God is and how He rolls is not really a mystery.  It’s in the Bible.  If you wonder, read it to find out.  Otherwise, keep your opinions to yourself.  Don’t devise and spread your theology on what best serves your social perspective or what you gleaned from some blog (except this one, of course, whose information is infallible) 🙂
  8. Get connected.  We’re called the “Body of Christ”.  If you cut off a part of your body, like your pinky finger and hid it away in a drawer, not only is it ineffective, but it starts to become stinky. We all need each other.  Allow those who have gone through life before you to teach you, surround yourself with “Iron sharpening iron” friends, and find someone to disciple.
  9. Get real.  We all have junk.  Sometimes we tend to think we have to prove God to others by putting forward this polished person that our life magically becomes when we add Him to it.  But God will prove HIMSELF through how we allow Him to work on all that junk that’s in our hearts.  Let’s just be real about it.  “A church that cannot grasp a fallen person is a church that a fallen person cannot grasp.”  And unknown to some of us, that includes all of us.
  10. Laugh!  Find the humor in things whenever you can.  It’s good for your body and soul.  God has a sense of humor, if you don’t believe me, just look in the mirror!

Got more?  Add them in the comments below.


  1. I think I have changed my mind when I said you should go into communications (because you are so good at what you write.) I think your long term goal should be going back to school to become a pastor (because you are so good at what you say, believe, practice and live.) You have such a gift and could reach so many seekers with your amazing ability to communicate, teach and win. Give it some thought. Mimi

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