Of Noble Character – A New Kind of Feminism

Faminist or Fauxminist?  Read it here!“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” – Proverbs 31:10, NIV

Noble: Original Hebrew Hayil: Strength, capability, skill, valor, wealth, troop, warrior, army, able-bodied.

Ladies, we’ve been hoodwinked. Unfortunately, this duping has risen from among our own ranks. Because of the misguided efforts of the women of late 1900’s, an entire culture now faces the crisis of the disappearance  of true womanhood.  The original vision, championed by feminist heroes such as Susan B. Anthony, was equality: This radical idea that men and women have equal value, equal rights, equal opportunities in life, and equal contributions to society.  The efforts of these brave women of the suffrage made it possible for us to enjoy the life and liberties that we do today.

But over the last 50 years, something has gone terribly wrong.  Equality itself has morphed into this idea that the previously oppressed is now superior to their former oppressors and that our empowerment comes from abandoning the very things that make us women while simultaneously trampling all men under the might of our high-heel.

The Great Facade

There are many trends in modern-day feminism (herein referred to as fauxminism) that actually anger me, because they are things that sell themselves as strengthening women while they, in fact, do quite the opposite.  The most prominent is abortion, which I believe to be the greatest insult to women that has ever existed.  The abortion industry, just by the nature of what it does, lies to women, telling us that we are not strong or resourceful enough to rise to the challenge ahead.  They take advantage of a crisis to sell a “service” that leaves a wake of destruction and heartache in that woman’s life, all under the masquerade of “choice” and “control”.   Organizations like Feminists For Life have been able to clearly articulate the flaws in the marketing of this industry saying, “Abortion is a reflection that our society has failed to meet the needs of women. Women deserve better.”

Sandra-FLuke_2157030bAnother irritant comes from the “Affordable Care Act” mandate saying that women are now entitled to free contraceptives, as if birth-control deficiency is now a disease that is going to leave masses of women dying in the streets if left untreated.  My question for Sandra Fluke is, “How does depending on the government to provide you with a medication that allows men to further objectify you and take advantage of your body without consequence make you a stronger woman?”  Wouldn’t true self-confidence say, “I am so awesome that if you want any where near this body you’d better ‘put a ring on it’?”

The last is how we’ve been taught to live in this world full of men.  Fauxminism teaches us to not need men in a way that we’re supposed to need men, and to need men in a way that we’re not supposed to.

Did you get all that?

Ladies, this means getting a false sense of value by what we can physically offer to men while refusing to take from them what we really need: love, protection and provision (and then ironically, demanding protection and provision from the government, which I like to refer to as the ‘Fauxminist substitute husband’).  And this doesn’t just weaken women, it weakens men, too.  Are you a single gal wondering why the dating pool seems to be full of ambitious-less “man boys” who are into their thirties playing video games in their parent’s basement with no intentions of supporting a family any time soon?  You can get your answer from 1980’s fauxminism.  Women are strongest when we act like women, and men are strongest when women act like women.

So, does this mean that if we don’t all go back to being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen that civilization will collapse?  Good Lord, no!  Just look at what God thinks that women should be in the verse above.  Proverbs uses that Hebrew word for “Noble” to describe a woman 3 times.  The true strength of a woman comes from embracing the design of the Creator, not from trying to be like a man.  Our gifts and talents as women, physical abilities, childbearing, femininity, are all differences that should be celebrated and compliment the differences in the men in our lives.  This call is no easy task.  It takes the heart of a noble warrior.  It takes a radical faith and trust in the Lord.  It takes a brave and courageous spirit.


  1. Are you sure you didn’t sneak in a graduate degree in understanding mankind (oooops I meant womankind) all while sharing in an amazing journey of marital bliss, raising a family that knows no bounds, working in a field that you were born to be in, becoming the ultimate advocate for a child who needs his mom for reasons not shared by his siblings, as well as spreading the message of chocolate goodness at Sees? I don’t mean to make fun or sound glib. Quite the opposite…I mean every word of it. You are so profoundly wise and talented, I know that someday something even greater will come your way. Congratulations on another amazing blog.

  2. Wow! Perfectly written! Ok, I know you never take me serious , but I think it’s time you enter into the political world! We need your values and passion bringing change and God has gifted you with the passion, understanding and love for the issues. Seriously! It’s all over you!!!! I will vote for Courtney!!!!!

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