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 I don’t know about you, but I would rather have a diamond bracelet wrapped in a brown paper sack than a big, beautiful, professionally wrapped box with nothing inside.  Mine is a generation that demands purity of the faith, or nothing at all.  They have become disenchanted with institutions who have mastered the art of “doing church” and will no longer be fooled by the empty box.  Keep your religion and give us Jesus.  Keep your traditions intertwined with years of church culture, and give us the reality of the fullness of scripture.  Mine is a generation that has abandoned the church in mass exodus.  Not for lack of hunger, not for lack of passion, not for disdain of community, but for not settling for anything but touching the true and living God, only to come up empty.

Without actually touching the hem of His garment; church is a club, worship is a concert, evangelizing is a recruitment duty, and tithing is a tax deduction that keeps the whole masquerade operating.

Jesus is my diamond bracelet to which all else grows dim next to the light of His glory and grace.  My heart’s longing cry is to know Him, to live this life in His presence and touch His face, without which, church has no real meaning to anyone.

Suggested reading:

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  1. Hello Courtney, I found your blog by accident, looking for the book (Bruchko). I read your comment on the video “Sunday morning”. Do you attend any church then?

    • Hello Dasza,
      Thanks for writing! Yes, I attend a wonderful local Church here that my husband and I are very involved in. Being connected to a church body is one of the most important parts of growing as a believer. While this particular post highlights some areas where the American church-culture has some issues, there are also many strengths, great fruit, and genuine, passionate relationships with Jesus here, which I have not written about. I hope you find a copy of Bruchko, that is one of my favorite books! God bless

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